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Our primary purpose is to stop harming ourselves and to help others to recover from self-harm.

Put down the [sha]me.

Understanding self-harm


Self-harm, self-injury or self-mutilation is the deliberate and direct act of causing physical damage to one’s own body. It is often found as a symptom of many psychiatric, mood and personality disorders including substance and process addictions but it can exist independent of an underlying diagnosis.

General Resources


Here you will find information on self-harm both for loved ones and professionals who want more knowledge to help and understand this disorder.



Here you will find the 12 Steps adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous as well as the 12 Affirmations used in our meeting. 

There is a poster and a pamphlet free to download and print for yourself and spread the message, aswell  as a free app that self-harmers may find helpful during times of difficulty.





Don't stay isolated. We're still here.

During lock-down we are holding our meeting online using

the ZOOM app.

Please use the CONTACT US form to get details.


Don't stay isolated. We're still here.

Unfortunately online meetings have been temporarily suspended.

Please use the CONTACT US if you require additional information. Please use the link below to join our Whatsapp support group. 

Thanks for submitting!

If you would like to join our Whatsapp support group please use the following invite link -

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